About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Currently operating in Accra – Ghana, and Kigali – Rwanda. We are a leading Human Capital Management technology and enterprise services provider, actively modernizing the way companies hire, finance, and manage people.

Our company is a collective of amazing techies striving to make the world a better place

Who we are...

People, technology and service are our greatest motivation in everything we do.

We apply a set of beliefs in everything we do. These are specific to the way we do things here at Wekplace


Our History

In 2018, We realized that leaders of medium & small businesses need a unique combination of Human Capital Management technology and expert Human Resource advice to achieve their goals. Today, Wekplace partners with more than 50 organizations across Africa, and that number keeps growing, because we’ve never lost sight of our vision.

Who we are

Wekplace is an online Human Capital Management technology and services provider, actively digitizing the way companies manage people, from the way they hire, onboard, develop talent, finance, retain, and build a company culture. Whatever the people management goals are, we’ll help accomplish them with the right technology and the best support and thought leadership.  At Wekplace, we recruit, we outsource, we manage, we finance and we build technologies. We are currently operating in Accra – Ghana, and Kigali – Rwanda.

Our beliefs

Here at Wekplace, we pride ourselves on being a little different. We apply a set of beliefs in everything we do and you might think of these as our secret recipe for success.

Why we do what we do

Built on the foundation of increasing the rate of employability of job seekers to suit employer requirements and demands hence growing the productivity of the national workforce, Wekplace currently offers several of the latest job listings, combined with other workplace technologies that are been developed to aid our users to work conveniently, easier, faster, and better.

Wekplace tackles African unemployment and human resource development by providing a complete job, internship, and talent hunting online platform for individuals and enterprises as well as the implementation of unemployment reduction initiatives thus the Graduate Internship Program, Student Internship Program, and Full-Time Graduate Employment Program. As of August 2019, Wekplace had successfully placed over 400 candidates in our partnered corporate organizations. By 2030 we hope to have created employment for over 10 millions persons.