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A staffing and financial management software and service provider, actively modernizing the way companies manage people.

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We believe the future of the workplace is data–driven

Currently, we adopt 3rd party advanced artificial intelligence to augment the entire human capital management process by providing candidates, employees, and employers relevant data for decision making.

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Wekplace helps business leaders develop their people and build winning teams. Our human capital management (HCM) software gets you out of the weeds, our focus on talent development helps you build a great place to work and our tailored industry solutions give you a competitive advantage

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Talent Acquisition, Human Capital Management + Payroll Software

A single source of truth for all employee data makes your life so much easier — just imagine never having to manually update information in multiple places.


Why Use Wekplace

Talent Aquisition

Wekplace helps organizations improve the hiring process, from finding and appealing candidates to screening resumes, sending out offer letters, and hiring the candidate.

Payroll and Benefits

Wekplace offers pay flexibility with direct deposits, and with OnDemand Pay, you no longer have to worry about advances or manual check runs, it’s all available on our application.

Human Capital Management

Wekplace eliminates the complexities business leaders encounter when managing employees through our streamlined HCM approach, systems and processes. We handle the employees.

Employee Financing

Accurately and efficiently manage expense reimbursement, employee loans, rewards, bonuses, etc. from our application without the traditional manual, paper-based processes.

Employee Outsourcing

Wekplace hires the best talents on the market and outsource these talents to organizations across the global for specifics jobs within a specific duration, relieving business leaders from employment brouhaha.

Compliance Plus

No one wants to live with looming lawsuits or feeling like their job is in jeopardy. With Wekplace, you are fully equipped with the tools you need to be proactive in preventing business exposure and risk.

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